Sobre mí

My story

It is 1986 living in the United States, I attend a Lamaze prenatal class, practically mandatory at the hospital where I am giving birth to my first baby. I was induced labor and my contractions were intense and strong. Thanks to all the technichs I learned for pain management and the calm assurance of knowing what was happening, I was able to have a very satisfactory natural delivery. I could not imagine having such a great birth if I hadn´t taken the Lamaze course. From that moment on I thought of all the women in Guatemala and the world who go through all their pregnancy and birth alone, with ignorance and fear. It was there and then, when I knew that I was going to be a childbirth instructor and dedicate myself to sharing not only my knowledge and experience to reduce pain, remove fear, but to have the same wonderful, happy experience and bring life to the world with joy. CELEBRATE THE BIRTH, that’s what it’s all about!


Prenatal Instructor

  • Lamaze ongoing studies since 1988
  • Lamaze Seminar 2009
  • Teaching courses since 1990
  • Prenatal Yoga since 2007
  • Doula Training 2020



  • International Relations 
  • Preschool education teacher
  • Course in Child Care Management
Proud Member

Proud Member

“We recommend this course to all future parents. We learned a lot and it helped us to come together as a couple and start our family with trust and love. Thanks Karin!”

Ricardo y Camila Z.

“Thank you Karin, we could not have been without your teachings and love”

María M.